Dianna Agron volunteers during the 2014 Big Slick Celebrity Weekend in Kansas City, Missouri (x)

Emilia Clarke on the set of Terminator 5 in New Orleans, LA: June 11th, 2014

A BIG congratulations to Gabriella & Richard on the birth of their first child! 


I can’t just turn this on. I’m not like you guys.

I don’t have claws, g l o w i n g eyes or super senses. I just have voices in my head.

"Julia, listen. You don't understand."
"I understand. You're taking their side."
"Hey, no, no. I'm not taking anyone's side here. I'm trying to consider every possible option..."

"A few science textbooks is not gonna solve what's been happening here."

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

A generation drenched in hate 

Write me a TBH (To be Honest), stating an honest fact or thought you feel about me. Or just something honest you wanna say to me. Start the sentence off with “Tbh”.

Maybe people don’t see me as believable playing a person of today. I guess I’m just more realistic in a corset and funny hairstyles. - Katie McGrath