“He was one of the most amazing people that I’ve ever met. Generous, loving, kind, and that’s how he always be remembered”
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I think OTPs are subconsciously what we want in relationships

meant for each other



Last night Jeff said something on the livestream, about how Jackson and Lydia were meant for each other. He didn’t say they would get back together and that isn’t really the point. The point is that I believe Jeff quite deliberately made three couples who were “meant for each other” and then tried to break them in beautiful ways.

Scott and Allison have a sort of easy love at first sight kind of love, the summery, lets go to Paris and get married and have beautiful children kind of love. They’re the typical first blush of love sort of couple. They are Romeo and Juliet, and just like Romeo and Juliet, Jeff is throwing family and obligation at both of them. Unlike Romeo and Juliet, they are choosing, at least for now, to set aside their obvious and overwhelming love to follow their obligations and save their families.

Jackson and Lydia are the kind of power couple who were both in it for the prestige. Along the way I believe both of them fell deeply in love, but Jackson’s issues with self-worth and Lydia’s campaign to appear as someone she isn’t made it impossible for them to know each other’s feelings, or sometimes even their own. They’re both adept at wearing masks and they’re both obsessed with being in control, which is why it’s so disturbing that both of them are now controlled by other people. They both have this enormous disparity of who they are and who they pretend to be. If they allow each other to see the real person underneath the projection, I think they could easily fall all over again, but this time knowing that the other loves them and not an image of them.

And Stiles and Derek are your hot and cold, snarky banter couple. They both carry around endless guilt and responsibility and are so afraid of letting people in that they block it all. They are the couple that takes forever to even realize what they mean to each other, how similar they are and how good they would be to get each other out of their own heads. They’re the UST couple that only works out its attraction after the longest time and when they do they’re the only ones left to be surprised by it.

Their journeys may not all work out, there might be other people in their hearts along the way, but I do believe that the mirroring and the way the narrative is laid out for these characters is about finding themselves and through that process finding and keeping each other. Because sometimes you need someone who is like you but not the same to see yourself truly, and sometimes you need to know yourself before you can really know anyone else.

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