Shuffle synopsis meme asked by missingthebetterhalfofme

Amber Heard, Sophia Bush, Ian Somerhalder and Jensen Ackles; lyrics: Dirrty - Christina Aguilera

Wanna get rowdy 
Gonna get a little unruly 
Get it fired up in a hurry 
Wanna get dirrty 
It’s about time that I came to start the party 
Sweat dripping over my body 
Dancing getting just a little naughty 
Wanna get dirrty 
It’s about time for my arrival 

Peter (Jensen Ackles), Mark (Ian Somerhalder), Leila (Amber Heard) and Cassie (Sophia Bush) are friends since they were kids. They were inseparable. During high school days, everyone wanted to be with and/or like them; they were seen as role models in everything: Peter was straight As, Mark the basketball rising star, Leila the sexy school President and Cassie the popular cheerleader.

It’s time for college, even though they take different paths in different countries, they manage to keep in touch. Until then they have dated different people, ending up, all four of them, the same: heartbroken. They start a perverse erotic game among them, promising not to fall in love again. Just sex. But will they be able not to break the only rule in this game?