Kathryn Prescott to play “Penelope,” un upcoming recurring guest spot on Reign

Penelope is described as shy and cheerful at first glance, but she’s got a sexy and darkly manipulative side, too. We hear Queen Catherine gives Penelope a little job in exchange for better treatment around the castle, and the young woman uses it to get what she wants. (x)

when the door closes
                      DO NOT OPEN IT

It utilizes our DNA, which inserts palindromic sequences, chimeric strands, into our code, substituting human nucleotide patterns for our own.

A good illustration of Harington’s sweet nature is when he talks about castmate Gwendoline Christie, who he’s good friends with. Christie plays the statuesque warrior Brienne of Tarth, and as soon as I mention her he grabs his phone, Googling furiously. What emerges is a photo of him and Christie at a film premiere, her towering beautifully over him in a gold mini dress. “Look! I look like a fucking Hobbit stood next to her!”, he shouts, chuckling wildly.

- Wonderland Magazine (Sept/Oct 2013)

‘Game of Thrones’ as other popular TV shows [ytegg]

Has anyone read ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green?





and if so, would you recommend it?

I thought it was okay.

my question for you is what in the hell is wrong with you

oh wait you’re john green, I’ll just die now