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> gemma/kartik (the gemma doyle trilogy)

“it’s only his thumb brushing slowly across the lower edge of my lip, but it’s as if time slows and the sweep of that thumb below my mouth takes forever. it is no spell that i know of, but it holds such magic, i can scarcely breathe. he pulls his hand away fast, aware of what he’s done. but his touch lingers.”

“When I dream, I dream of him. For several nights now he’s come to me, waving from a distant shore as if he’s been waiting patiently for me to arrive. He doesn’t utter a word, but his smile says everything: I’ve missed you.”

Gemma and Kartik - The Sweet Far Thing

"Once upon a time there were four girls. One was pretty. One was clever. One charming, and one…one was mysterious. But they were all damaged, you see. Something not right about the lot of them. Bad blood. Big dreams.”

(A Great and a Terrible Beauty - Libba Bray)



“I’m like everyone else in this stupid, bloody, amazing world. I’m flawed. Impossibly so. But hopeful. I’m still me.”

Gemma Doyle, The Sweet Far Thing