There is nowhere left to hide
There is nothing to be done
No people to be saved
40 miles from the sun…


Sophia Bush & Ian Somerhalder.

I’d like to see them together on a TV Show one day. They’re too gorgeous not to be paired up.

“You. Are. Not. Leaving. Me.” His eyes blazed — burning brighter than I had ever seen them, blue flames.

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Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer?

Alphabet Meme: “My favorite actor/actress Edition”: S asked by woodcomb

Sophia Bush and Ian Somerhalder

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"You were right. I don’t know if life is greater than death. But love was more than either. " 


Vampire Diaries | GENDER SWAP
Katie McGrath as Damon Demona Salvatore

“Hello, sister.”


‘Wow Damon, are you actually going to be careful for once? Yes Stefan, I’ve become you…’

genderswap: Merlin

Amanda Seyfried as Female!Arthur
Zooey Deschanel as Female!Merlin
Ian Somerhalder as Male!Morgana
Tristan Wilds as Male!Gwen