He is really one my best friends in the whole world. (x)

Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham @ San Diego Comic Con 2014

Describe Ian Somerhalder in one word.

K: Fantasmaticgeniusepicpioneerhero

“We make friendship bracelets, and we braid each other’s hair… And it’s true, guys. We do have pillow fights. All the time.”

Katerina Graham Ustream w/ Zach Roerig 3.29.12


Interviewer: What was the your most memorable moment during the filming of season two?
Candice: I loved, I was so appreciative to be in the room with Michael Trevino when he had his own scene in which he was turning into a werewolf for the first time. And it was really intense, it was a smaller crew. We had two units; it was two full days of being in that little cave room. It was a very special thing, he’s such a good friend, so it was really cool to be there to watch him accomplish that.
Kat: Yeah, it was a memorable, memorable, moment.
Candice: Yeah, and the bestest is that he like, he was very careful about his diet the whole time. Like he missed, they had Mexican food day, and he’s Mexican, so he was like, “I missing my food day!” So all he wanted, like when he was done filming, all he wanted was chocolate chip cookies; cause they always had chocolate chip cookies on set and he had waited. So as soon as they yelled cut and he was done he was like right to lunch. And it was the one day they had sugar cookies, the look on his face, he just looked at them and walked away, like exhausted. Luckily I had crafty, they had extra chocolate chip cookie mix so they made him up a whole batch; production felt so bad, they got him like three pizzas, because they knew pizzas…it was like everyone was his mother all of a sudden like, “We’ll feed you! Feel better!” It was just a really special moment. [x]


Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham at “The Ripple Effect” Benefiting The Water Project Charity