TVD/MERLIN CROSSOVER - Mikael has found Klaus and Elijah at Camelot  so Klaus leaves Morgana, who wanting to hurt him reveals she had an affair with his brother.

For Josh (kolsangel) whose torture led to Klaus x Morgana  :)

TVD AU - “The Original Witch” (Morgana) is indeed the very first witch; her creation dates back to thousands and thousands of years but her strong powers gave her immortality. Until she placed Klaus’ hybrid curse on him which brings about her death. 


Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are


→ drifting-out-to-sea asked Klaus’ troll face or Ripper Stefan’s

He said “I am the devil, boy, come with me
And we’ll make many storms”
He offered me the universe
But inside my heart there’s a picture of a girl

Some call love a curse, some call love a thief
But she’s my home