Title: All I Want (Kodaline Cover)
Artist: Ellie Goulding
Played: 14278 times


Ellie Goulding
"All I Want" (Kodaline Cover)

Okay, a large part of me wants to be really over Ellie Goulding, but then she pulls this kind of shit, and I can’t help but be like, “Damn, girl. This is why I fell in love with you in the first place.”

Title: Chocolate (Vinyl)
Artist: The 1975
Played: 1758 times


Chocolate (Vinyl) // The 1975

Title: Bible Belt
Artist: Dry The River
Played: 1135 times

My love, you take the cards that you’re dealt.
Cause there’s no guiding light arching a line to Bethlehem.
If it’s dark outside you light the fire yourself.

Title: We Might Be Dead Tomorrow
Artist: Soko
Played: 221 times


i can’t go on wasting my time
adding scars to my heart
coz all i hear is
i’m not ready now

then the pain it turned to angermoved to joy so now I’m good

then the pain it turned to anger
moved to joy so now I’m good

Title: What Sarah Said
Artist: Death Cab For Cutie
Played: 20 times


Death Cab For Cutie ~ What Sarah Said ~ Plans

bastille singles + favourite lyrics

Title: You're Mine
Artist: Lea Michele
Played: 288285 times

Lea Michele - You’re Mine


Title: If You Don't Believe
Artist: Gabrielle Aplin & Hudson Taylor
Played: 579 times


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Hudson Taylor and Gabrielle Aplin - If you don’t believe


Bastille: Six Songs
Sleepsong Get Home Laura Palmer
Oblivion Bad Blood Icarus

Played: 79235 times


Chris Daughtry - Covers Imagine Dragon’s "Radioactive" 

THIS is the cover we’ve been waiting for, folks. EVERYONE ELSE CAN GO HOME.

Title: Let It Go
Artist: Disney
Played: 29367 times


This song makes me really excited for the movie.

Title: You Are
Artist: Kathryn Ostenberg
Played: 640 times


It’s hard to think that a heart can forget.